A Survey of Factors Related to Nurses’ intention to res | 3310

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A Survey of Factors Related to Nurses’ intention to respect for the law based on “Reasoned Action Theory” in Tehran University Hospitals in 2010

"Meimanat Hosseini, Tahereh Ashktorab, Zohreh Khavari, Maryam Mohammadi, Saeed Ghasemi, Kazem Barzegar

"Nursing Care providers and clients have rights, responsibilities, rules and conditions that have to be observed and respected always. This descriptive–correlational study was conducted to determine factors related to intention to respect for the law based on the Theory of Reasoned Action in nurses at university’s hospitals. 145 nurses were selected by purposive sampling method. A questionnaire with 65 items was used including 4 parts: external variable, attitude, subjective norm and intention to respect law. Content and face validity was used for this questionnaire and reliability of the instrument was determined by internal consistency and test-retest methods, respectively. Using analysis variances, T-test, regression, and correlation coefficient, the relations between variables were obtained. Finally, using the path analysis test, the causality model was assessed. The results showed that 67% of nurses had positive attitude, 56.9% of nurses had positive subjective norm, and 93.6% of nurses had high intention to respect for the law. Causality assessment revealed that the model derived from research Using path analysis showd that nurses’ inclination to respect law was related to intention. However, subjective norm did not relate to respecting the nursing law."