Activation Energy and Binary Chemical Reaction Aspects in Cr | 53629

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Activation Energy and Binary Chemical Reaction Aspects in Cross Nano Fluid: An Application to Pharmaceutical Science

Muhammad Azam*, Fazle Mabood

A modern approach in the area of nanotechnology for collection of information and solving physical problems is the utilization of nanoparticles. The area of solar power generation and heat exchanger in industrial zone have been redeveloped and modernized due to the utilization of nanotechnology. By utilizing nanotechnology, the area of pharmaceutical Science has been re-developed and modernized. The use of nanotechnology in medicine as well as pharmaceutical industries has attracted scientists to develop more modern and economical applications. Remembering these brightful applications, a numerical simulation for Arrhenius activation energy and binary chemical aspects in Cross nano fluid past a cylinder has been presented here. A recently proposed nano fluid model (Buongiorno’s model) is utilized to account Brownian diffusion and thermophoresis. Additionally, velocity slip condition is implemented. Furthermore, time dependent magnetic effects are taken into account. Salient influences of binary chemical aspects and activation energy are also considered in concentration equation. We achieved highly nonlinear differential system. The numerical simulation of such highly nonlinear system is not an easy task. We utilized Shooting Runge-Kutta Fehlberg (RK45) approach to tackle this highly nonlinear problem. The escalating values of chemical reaction rate parameter and temperature difference parameter decline the concentration of nanoparticles. Reduction in rate of mass transfer is revealed against activation energy parameter. Accelerating behavior is observed in Nusselt number for larger estimation of unsteadiness parameter and velocity slip parameter. Fluid temperature is accelerated against thermophoresis parameter. Surface drag force grows for larger Wiesenberger number