Anatomy of Iranian species Teucrium polium (Lamiaceae) | 3296

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Anatomy of Iranian species Teucrium polium (Lamiaceae)

M. M. Dehshiri, M. Azadbakht

" Teucrium (Lamiaceae) is a large and polymorphic genus distributed mainly in the Europe, North Africa and in the temperate parts of Asia. In Iran, 12 species are native. In this study, the anatomical features of the leaf and stem Teucrium polium are investigated. T. polium belonging to sect. Polium is a perennial herb growing on Lorestan province. The anatomical studies on T. polium revealed that the stem shares the general characteristics of the Labiatae family. The leaves clearly exhibit xeromorphy due to features such as the thick cuticle layer, thick outer epidermal cell wall, a high density of trichomes and thick palisade layer of the mesophyll."