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Antibiotics Resistance and Possible Alternatives to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance

Uddab Poudel

Antibiotics, one of the miracle discovery of 20th century which was considered as magic bullet, able to eliminate bacteria without causing severe harm to the host cell and paved the blossoming way in clinical medicine making possible of major surgery, organ transplantation, chemotherapy which would not be possible without effective treatment against bacterial infections. The real wonder rises when bacteria develops resistance against antibiotics which is considered as twist in global public health nightmare. Bacteria develops multiple mechanisms for resistance either by alteration of binding sites, inactivating enzymes or altering metabolic pathway of most of the discovered antibiotic in human and animal use. Bacteria defy not only single antibiotic but also multiple antibiotics leading to origin of novel multiple drugs resistant bacteria which create looming threat of incurable bacterial infections and one step closer to become unstoppable killer. To eliminate spread of antibiotic resistant pathogens, novel treatment approach is essential. This paper explains few alternatives and non-antibiotic approaches like use of vaccine, probiotics, phage therapy, phytochemical and plant extracts which helps to decrease need of antibiotics and decrease emergence of novel antibiotic resistance microorganisms. Bacteria can develop resistance against any therapeutic agents sooner or later that’s why development of new antibiotics and suitable alternatives are due essential.