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Artificial Intelligence Applications in handling the Infectious Diseases

Kamal Jain

Infectious diseases can be caused by direct or indirect transmission of microorganisms such as virus, bacteria, parasites or fungi. The spread of these diseases and infection may cause global pandemic like COVID 19. Advancement of Artificial Intelligence can help the scientists in predicting the infectious diseases to contain the spread of pandemic, understanding the behavior of microorganisms and also help in faster drug discovery to contain the disease. Artificial Intelligence provides new confidence to not only preempt, prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases, but it also helps the scientists in faster clinical trials and identification of effective drug discovery for tacking the diseases. Artificial Intelligence is at the cusp of revolutionizing the healthcare system via focused, disease specific analysis and interventions to promote faster, more reliable and economical healthcare solutions for the well-being of human kind. This article discusses potential applications of AI which can assist the health institutions and global community health by combating the rise of infectious diseases.