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Assessment of Nurse

Ahmed Ayoub


 The most important assessment in the neurological ex­amination is to assess the level of consciousness (LOC), which is considered as the first step in neurological ex­amination. Detecting the changes in level of conscious­ness depends on the accuracy of nursing assessment. The nurses should be knowledgeable, confident, and quick in performing this task. of this study is to assess UAE nurses’ knowledge about GCS working in Al Dhafra This study was carried out in the Dhafra hospitals, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in April 2018. It is a cross-section­al, descriptive study. Eighty-five nurses met the inclusion criteria, the survey was sent to 165 nurses (Respondent rate 51%). Data collection was carried out using a sur­vey monkey instru-ment called “Glasgow Coma Scale”. Data coding, entry and analysis has been conducted using SPSS 20 software. The differences have been test­ed at 95% level of significance, and the difference that has P-value < 0.05 was considered significant.The study revealed that the knowledge percentages mean of cor­rect answers about GCS is 56.1 % {SD: ±11.7; 95% CI: [26.67-100]}. On the other hand, it revealed also that the percentages of nurses who have a good knowledge about GCS was 50.6% and staff whom have poor knowledge were 49.4 %. Moreover, the results revealed significant relation between gender and GCS training with level of GCS knowledge. The present study showed that the nurs­es in Al-Dhafra hospitals reflect inadequate knowledge.