Bacteriophages for Detection and Control Pathogens | 3305

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Bacteriophages for Detection and Control Pathogens

Amirhossein Azarnava, Nima Alizadeh-Kaloorazi

"Bacteriophages are viruses infecting bacteria; they are obligate intracellular parasites also require their own metabolism. Phages are excessively host-specific, capable only to infect certain classifications or even strains. Following their detection beginning in the 20th century, phages were expansively applied to treat diverse bacterial disorders in people and animals. At present, as the problem of antibiotic resistance serves ever more severe, several scientists also clinicians are observing again at bacteriophages as a therapeutic choice in the treatment of bacterial infections. The aim of this review is to consider the current evidence on the effects of bacteriophages for detection and control pathogens."