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Comparison of dydrogesterone tablet and progesterone suppository effects on the outcome of pregnancy in pregnant women with threatened abortion: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Fariba Nanbakhsh, Tahereh Behrouzi-Lak, Fariba Amiri, Sima Oshnouei

"The aim of this study was to compare the effects of oral and suppository of Progesterone in pregnant women lower than 12th weeks of gestation with threatened abortion to prevent miscarriage. This random clinical trial study was conducted on 200 pregnant women with threatened abortion and gestational age ≤ 12 weeks who were referred to Kosar obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Shahid Motahari hospital affiliated to Urmia University of Medical Sciences, 2014. All study population was randomly divided into two equal groups considering the amount of vaginal bleeding (mild to moderate). Group I (received Dydrogesterone tablet) and group II (received Progesterone suppository). The participants' data such as age, gestational age, history for vaginal bleeding in previous pregnancies, the amount of vaginal bleeding were collected in the researcher- made questionnaire. The mean gestational age at the first ultrasound assessment in the group I and II was 9.28 ± 2.68 weeks and 9.41 ± 3.45 weeks, respectively (P = 0.76). In the group I, 53 (53%) of patients had mild vaginal bleeding and 47 (47%) of them had moderate vaginal bleeding. These figures in the group II were 46 (46%) and 54 (54%) respectively (P = 0.19). In the group I, 74 (74%) of pregnancies ended in birth while 26 (26%) of pregnancies were aborted. In the group II 78 (78%) of women had full- term pregnancy and 22 (22%) of them had abortion (P = 0.31). In the current study, no significant difference was found between the two groups in terms of continuing the pregnancy. But because of using oral Dydrogesterone are more convenient for patients as compare as vaginal Progesterone,and it is suggested that Dydrogesterone tablets are more prescribed for threatened abortion patients."