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"Comparison of the Outcomes of Traditional and Misgav-Ladach Techniques in Caesarean Section"

Anisodowleh Nankali, Farin Farajzadeh, Mansour Rezaei, Shohreh Malekkhosravi, Sara Daeichin

"Caesarean section is the most common surgical procedure in obstetrics and its application is rising in the entire world. The aim of the present study was to compare the outcomes of traditional and Misgav-Ladach techniques in caesarean section. This randomized clinical trial study was conducted on 186 cases of primary elective and emergency C-Section over 37 weeks of gestation at Imam Reza Hospital in 2010. The pregnant women were randomized into two groups: 1.traditional 2. Misgav-Ladach. Both groups were similar in terms of age and BMI. The major outcomes that were studied are duration of surgery, such as fetal extrusion time, blood loss during surgery, need for blood transfusion and analgesics, duration of bowel function restoration, persistent fever after surgery, use of antibiotics, Endometritis and wound complications. Kolmogorov-Smirnov (KS) test was used for the evaluation of the normality of quantitative data. Variables with normal distribution were analyzed by using parametric test (independent t-test) and Variables with non-normal distribution were analyzed by using non-parametric (Man withny - U test). Chi-square and Fisher’s test were used to determine the relationship between qualitative variables. The Misgav-Ladach group had significantly smaller duration of surgery, fetal extrusion time, antibiotics use, and length of hospital stay after surgery compared to the traditional group. This study showed that Misgav-Ladach technique can be used as a substitute for traditional methods in cases of elective or emergency C-Section."