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ISSN - 2322-3308


"Control, Management and Treatment of Diabetes Using Modern Drug Delivery Systems and Special Properties of Nanoparticles"

Mahnaz Rezaei-kelishadi, Mohsen Nuri, Zahra Erfani, Abbasali Palizban, Rahmatollah Parandin

"One of the important applications of nanotechnology in the medical field is the use of it in drug delivery to target tissue for therapy of disease such as diabetes. Despite the limitations in the use of traditional medicine systems, there are also lack of target specificities, which reduce the effects of compounds due to drug metabolism in the body and the cellular toxicity of some of the drug. The biocompatible nanoparticles with physical, chemical and biological properties can be applied to optimize and overcome these limitations by improving drug solubility, increasing the rate of drug release and developing the penetration and distribution of drugs. Therefore, drug delivery systems provide the routes for drug delivery, which dramatically promote therapeutic drugs. Encapsulation of drugs by nanoparticles prevent decomposition, thus, it is prevented the incidence of side effects used by the opening of capsules of track to reach the target tissues. The data of this review were extracted from scientific sites and then meta-analyzed. The research in this area suggests that: if the materials used in manufacture of capsules contain nanoparticles smaller than 100 nm, the pore size for capsules becomes smaller due to the high surface to volume ratio and the solubility power of capsule will be higher. These advantages can improve the drug penetration and distribution by the capsules significantly. The new generation of drug delivery systems has more advantages than traditional systems. This article is written about the need for nanoparticle drug delivery systems, advantages, limitations and the recent developments in the use of such systems in the treatment of diabetes."