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ISSN - 2322-3308


"Correlation between dP/dt and dP/dt max with right ventricle functional capacity in patients with rheumatic heart disease before and after valve replacement surgery"

Nahid Salehi, Hashem Kazerani, MohammadReza Saidi, Alireza Rai, mohammadRasoul Ghadami, Fataneh Peermohammadi, Hooman Tadbiri

"In this study, we investigated correlation between right ventricle function with dp/dt in patients with rheumatic heart diseases before and after the valve replacement surgery. Forty-four patients with rheumatic heart disease with involvement of mitral, tricuspid or aortic valves with detectable tricuspid regurgitation were candidates for valve replacement surgery and they were studied. Transthoracic echocardiography indices that were measured before and after the surgery were right ventricle function, dP/dt, dP/dt max, and tricuspid regurgitation severity. Mean (±SD) functional class (NYHA) of the patients before surgery was 2.1 (±0.5). This improved after surgery and decreased to 1.2 (±0.5) (P= 0.001). Thirty-six patients had normal pulmonary artery pressure after surgery. RV function demonstrated significant improvement after surgery and 36 patients had normal RV function. Mean (±SD) dP/dt before surgery was 613 (±201) which increased to 935 (±321) after surgery (P= 0.0001). Mean (±SD) dP/dt/max before surgery was 19 (±9) which increased to 63 (±39) after surgery (P= 0.001). Both indices had significant correlation with RV function. dP/dt and dp/dt/max were both useful non-invasive echocardiographic indices in assessment of RV function in patients with RHD who underwent valve replacement surgery."