COVID-19 and its Global Impact on Food and Agriculture | 53429

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COVID-19 and its Global Impact on Food and Agriculture

Padam Bahadur Poudel, Mukti Ram Poudel, Aasish Gautam, Samiksha Phuyal, Chiran Krishna Tiwari, Nisha Bashyal, Shila Bashyal

Disease outbreak and global pandemics have been the greatest threat for the sustainability of human existence. Mankind has witnessed many pandemics over the course of human history that killed millions of people and ravaged the global economy and politics. In the current context, the world is facing yet another pandemic as Corona virus disease of 2019 (COVID- 19). Realizing the gravity of situation, every country has undertaken special steps to fight against the pandemic mostly with non-pharmaceutical measures involving social distancing and self-isolation. In addition, restriction in travel and trade are done in majority of countries to limit the spread of the virus. All these combat against the pandemic has vastly affected the major economic sectors such as Agriculture. Agriculture serves as the most important economic sector endorsing food security and human development. The review intends to go through every possible impact of global pandemic COVID -19 on Food and Agriculture across the globe. It is important to assess the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on Agricultural sector and Food as it primarily involves the sustainability of human life and secondarily involves the economy. The pandemic protocols and provisions interferes the supply chain of the market with impaired production and distribution accompanied with lack of labor and supply of inputs. This vastly affects the livestock, poultry, fishery as well as dairy production. The planting of spring crops like maize, sunflower, spring wheat, barley, canola and open field vegetable can’t be operated amidst pandemic. Thus, the pandemic has seeded a serious impact on the food security due to distortion of the supply chain which is needed to be addressed quickly by the government