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Журнал биологии и современного мира

ISSN - 2322-3308


"Effective factors in logical drug consumption in the perspective of pharmacists and physicians of Rasht"

Sedighe Mirzajani, Fardin mehrabian

"Appropriate and effective use by drug guarantees the proper cure and health promotion by patients. Drug consumption pattern on the basis by treatment groups demonstrate that our society does not follow a standardized and logical method in drug consumption. Also, due to its detrimental effects, is trying to rationalize drug use alone of the important drug policy has always been the case. Thin study in a descriptive, cross – sectional and applied study. Study population involves 138 physician and pharmacists working in Rasht hospitals. The research way on the basis by Library studies by receipt card and field step of questionnaire. Professors and experts were studied and monitored the questionnaire. The reliability by questionnaire was computed by test-retest method and Cranach's alpha coefficient (α=0.739), and R=0.924 were obtained. Data were analyzed by using SPSS software and descriptive and statistical indexed (frequency, percentage and media) was computed. According to research and studies, illogical consumption of drug in our country is much more than other countries, training people, especially through most media, empowering medicine, policy – making and consistent planning in logical consumption of drugs are necessary. Also, changing the culture of self – medication to logical prescription prescribed by physician in necessary, it is important to conduct studies based on evidences in order to reduce the costs and time management"