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Envisaging the Off-Label use of Drugs in the Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Cases

Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Dr. Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava

The coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues to claim lives of the affected cases, as no therapeutically proven treatment option has been internationally approved. Till date, none of the used pharmaceutical products have been found to be safe and effective in the treatment of the disease. However, a wide range of medicines has been used in treating the patients and the process of using the same in clinical trials is also underway. In other words, those medicines which have not been yet approved for the treatment of COVID-19 disease by the national drug regulatory authorities are being used in different nations. This practice has been termed as off-label use and is permissible provided the national laws and regulations have approved the same. In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic is a global problem and it requires unprecedented global solutions as we cannot allow people to die from the disease-related complications. Thus, the off-label use of medicines has been recommended, provided it falls within the national regulations and till the time no safe and effective treatment option is available