Epidemiology of Drug Abuse and Drug Dependence in Individual | 3410

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Epidemiology of Drug Abuse and Drug Dependence in Individuals Visiting Drug Abuse Treatment Centers in Kermanshah Province in 2013

Masoud Moradi, Abbas Aghae, Farid Najafi, Mohammad Mahboubi, Mari Ataee, Bahare Lotfi, Vahid Farnia, Toraj Ahmadi-Jouybari

"Kermanshah province in 2013. This study was a cross-sectional study that was conducted on those visiting drug abuse treatment centers in Kermanshah province voluntarily during the year 2013. Using checklist, information was collected from the files of the individuals by trained experts and, if necessary, by asking individuals, physicians or the experts of the center. The analysis was performed using SPSS version16. Overall, 2652 patients’ information (in 80 centers) was studied. The mean age of individuals was 37.98 (±11.18) years and more than 97% of the individuals were male. Opium, tramadol and hashish were the most frequently used substances that were consumed for the first time by the individuals. The mean of years of use for traditional (natural) substances was much more than that for synthetic substances. Proportion of drug use did not differ between men and women. However, the proportion of synthetic materials and non-narcotic substances was significantly different. Based on the results it can be said that that drug abuse is more prevalent among young individuals, educated individuals and those with family history. Since the synthetic drug abuse is increasing, new strategies for prevention of access to these drugs and treatment should be a priority in the related programs."