Functional Role and Mechanism of RPN II in Colorectal Cancer | 52951

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Functional Role and Mechanism of RPN II in Colorectal Cancer: Chemotherapeutic Resistant Drugs Perspective

Al Japairai K, Zuberi Abdallah Hamidu, Engelbert Zenas Rauya, Haiping Li, Nadia Anwar, Ranya Abdrab Saif Alyafeai, Nader Abdo Mohsen Mohammed, Zheng Xiang*

Achievement of chemotherapeutic drugs to resistant cancers such as colorectal cancer has been a point of focus in research settings both in clinical and basic science. Identification of potential biomarkers which can help to counteract the effect of resistant drugs by enhance the activity of chemotherapeutic agents is the best option for controlling the treatment of this second leading morbidity metastatic tumour type. RPN II as an identified bio-marker has been showing a positive results as good biomarker for colorectal and other malignant tumours. This review focuses on describing role and mechanism through which RPN II are involved in colorectal cancers basing on its expression and interaction with proteins affecting cell proliferation, growth, tumorogenicity and treatment especially on resistant chemotherapeutic cancer cells and drugs.