Generated Artificial General Intelligence: The Philosophical | 96388

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Generated Artificial General Intelligence: The Philosophical Principle of Artificial General Intelligence and Give an Example

Ma Chao

In recent years, with the development of brain science, neuroscience and cognitive science, artificial intelligence technology has made a series of achievements. However, it still fails to achieve the human level of universal artificial intelligence, and the cognitive structure and consciousness are still unsolved mysteries. This paper integrates the evolutionary laws of the universe, life and thinking, summarizes a model of generated general intelligence and reveal its philosophical principle and algorithm structure, then calculates the functions of thinking and consciousness one by one. The results show that the model and its based principles and algorithms conform to the characteristics of biology, physics, neuroscience, cognitive science and philosophy of intelligent species. It is an implementation model of artificial general intelligence that simulates human intelligence. This paper reveals the characteristics of cognition, thinking and consciousness, which also has a good enlightenment to the operation mode of human cognition, thinking and consciousness.