Histological Alteration in Different Tissues of Indian major | 3463

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Histological Alteration in Different Tissues of Indian major carp, Labeo rohita (Hamilton) exposed to Profenofos 50% EC and Carbosulfan 25% EC formulations

Nagaraju Bantu, Krishna Chaithnaya karri, Gopala Krishnan VK, Nirmala Kumari, Rathnamma Vakita

The objective of the study was to determine the histopathological changes in different tissues of fish, Labeo rohita exposed to two different pesticides. Gill, kidney, liver and Brain of fish were examined after exposure to lethal and sublethal concentrations of organophosphorus pesticide profenofos (96 h LC50 i.e.100 and 10 µg L-1) and carbamates pesticide carbosulfan(1.2 and 0.12 mg L-1) for 24 h and 8 days. Lesions were observed in gill, kidney and liver of L.rohita treated with both pesticide concentrations. Gill filaments of Hyperplasia, fusion due to separation of epithelium. Necrosis, degenerative changes in haemopoietic tissue, swelling of renal tubules, hypertrophy were observed in kidney. Degenerations of cytoplasm in hepatocytes, atrophy, and necrosis, vacuoles formation, rupture of blood vessels, necrosis and disappearance of hepatocyte wall and hepatic cords were observed in liver tissue. Behavioral changes, sensorial system like vision and smell, detection, attack and capture of prey, impair feeding, escape, and reproductive behavior all these functions are connected with various parts of the brain. There is no lesions were seen in control group.