In Vitro assessment of the Anti-viral effect of Curcumin lon | 3403

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In Vitro assessment of the Anti-viral effect of Curcumin longa on Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

Mohammad Mehdi Fani, Mohammad Motamedifar, Mansour Zamani Kordshouli

Antiviral drug resistance has become more prevalent in recent years. Therefore, this research aimed to investigate the antiviral effect of the of hydroalcoholic extract of Curcumin longa against human herpes simplex virus type 1. In this study, Curcumin longa hydroalcoholic extract was provided by the clevenger system. Cytotoxicity of Curcumin longa was determined on the Vero cell line. The antiviral effect of extract was evaluated by plaque reduction assays. The mean number of herpes simplex plaques was lower in group that received Curcumin longa extract with concentration of 2 mg/mL compared to that of the control group. Moreover, In contrast, acyclovir prevented 94.4% of virus plaque formation at the concentration of 2500 µg/mL. So, the finding of the present study showed the significant inhibitory effect of the Curcumin longa hydroalcoholic extract on HSV-1 replication. Curcumin longa hydroalcoholic extract or preparation can be recommended as a pharmaceutical source for controlling HSV-1 related diseases. However, it is necessary to investigate in-vivo the potential side effect of Curcumin longa.