International Conference on Smart Computing and Communicatio | 3503

Журнал биологии и современного мира

ISSN - 2322-3308


International Conference on Smart Computing and Communication (SmartTech-2017)

Deepshikha Bhargava, Ramesh C. Poonia, Swapnesh Taterh

"With the development of high throughput sequencing technology, massive amount of genomic data are generated every day. To efficiently handle these data for storage, processing and transmission, some specialized genomic data compression strategies are need of today. In this paper a hybrid approach based on substitution and statistics is proposed for genome compression (WBSC).WBSC can handle the genomic data files in raw forms as well as Fasta/Multi Fasta formats. WBSC is a loss less algorithm in which searching is possible without fully decompression. Experiments show that proposed algorithm (WBSC) outperform in comparison to other state of art algorithms in terms of compression ratio, compression time and decompression time."