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Первичная медико-санитарная помощь: открытый доступ

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Is COVID-19 an Invitation to Reconfigure or Reinvent Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service Delivery?

Shakila Devi Perumal

The Outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic demanded a swift reconfiguration of healthcare delivery to mitigate the associated risk and case-fatality. Patients with chronic respiratory disease (CRD) were at higher risk with residual “multiorgan” manifestations of COVID -19. Post-COVID rehabilitation is on high demand to alleviate symptoms and reduce mortality in patients with chronic respiratory disease (CRD). Pulmonary rehabilitation is endorsed as an integrative management, an essential component of respiratory medicine for CRD. However, COVID -19 pandemic has sparked many controversies and challenges on the pulmonary rehabilitation service delivery around the world. This article explores perspectives and action strategies for an agile pulmonary rehabilitation service in the era of COVID-19.