Music Awareness and Cognitive Function | 53824

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Music Awareness and Cognitive Function

Sofologi Maria, Theofilidis Antonis

The aim of this current research was to examine whether different music conditions have the ability to influence one’s cognitive function, particularly memory. In order to address this issue sufficiently, we designed an experiment in an attempt to distinguish whether the performance of each participant would be differentiated from the experimental condition in which he/she was exposed to. The participants were asked to complete a short-term memory test regarding words recollection while they were exposed to the auditory stimuli. Another parameter that was examined was whether the performance of each individual differed in terms of gender. The sample was consisted of 168 college students and experimental groups were formed. The results emerged, indicated that gender played a significant role in the recall process and that music had an effect in the recall process. More precisely, statistically significant differences were detected between the groups classical-no sound and metal-no sound. Nevertheless, gender and music did not present any statistically significant difference. Still, after taking into consideration the limitations of this study, our findings are in need of further exploration. Additionally, we hope that the result of our study may direct forthcoming researches to better address this issue by examining other aspects as well.