"Non-compaction with Coronary Artery Disease; a Case Report" | 3350

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"Non-compaction with Coronary Artery Disease; a Case Report"

Mahmood Emami, Seyed Ali Banifatemeh, Zohreh Behnamfar, Seyed Mehrdad Mirvakili

"Left ventricular non-compaction is a rare genetic disease of the heart muscle. Compaction is a process, which occurs during the development of the heart. If this process is not complete, the inside of the heart muscle will look spongy. The only definitive treatment of LV non-compaction is cardiac transplantation. Prevention of both heart failure and thromboembolic events are the main target of treatments. We describe a patient with the diagnosis of isolated LV non-compaction made after presentation with dyspnea. Angiography showed three-vessel disease. The patient underwent bypass grafting .Early diagnosis of disease can prevent the occurrence of myocardial infarction."