Nonenzymatic Electrochemical Sensing of Hydrogen Peroxide Ba | 3450

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Nonenzymatic Electrochemical Sensing of Hydrogen Peroxide Based on Gold Nanolayers Covered with Snow-like Nanoparticles

Rezvan Dehdari Vais, Hossein Heli

"Gold nanolayers covered with snow-like nanoparticles were firstly synthesized by the sonoelectrodeposition method at a high negative potential. The nanostructure was then applied to prepare a highly sensitive nonenzymatic sensor for hydrogen peroxide. The catalytic activity and sensitivity of the gold nanostructure toward the electroreduction of hydrogen peroxide was excellent without surface fouling and deterioration effects. The current related to the reduction of hydrogen peroxide rapidly and linearly depended on the concentration with a sensitivity of 0.24 A mol-1 dm3 cm-2 and a detection limit of 7.9 mol dm-3. The present hydrogen peroxide sensor was fabricated by a simple preparation method without using any specific enzyme or reagent, with an excellent catalytic activity, high sensitivity and selectivity, long-term stability, and antifouling property."