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"Perceptual Factors Related to register as Organ Donors among Iranian Medical College Student"

"Mari Ataee, Touraj Ahmadi-Jouybari, Mohammad Ahmadpana, Farzad Jalilian, Shohreh Emdadi, Mohsen Jalilian, Abbas Aghaei, Mohammad Mahboubi, Marzieh Shiri, Mahbobeh Morshedi

"One of the major treatments for diseases is organ transplantation. The objective of this study is to determine factors related to register as organ donors among Iranian college students based on the theory of planned behavior. This cross-sectional study was conducted on 320 college students in Hamadan University of medical sciences. Participants filled out a standard self-administered questionnaire including the expanded theory of planned behavior components. Data was analyzed by SPSS version 21 using correlation, linear and logistic regression statistical tests at 95% significant level. Our result showed 6.6% of participants reported registered on organ donor card. Most of the participants have reported, to save lives of the people is the most effective factor that motivates them to register as an organ donor card. The TPB variable, accounted for 33% of the variation in the outcome measure of the intention to organ donor card registered. The best predictor for organ donor card registered was subjective norm with odds ratio estimate of 1.23 [95% CI: 1.04, 1.44]. Comprehensive educational programs need to emphasize on psychological factors that mediate and predict behaviors. According to the results, donor organ is associated with subjective norms in community; It seems to give special attention to importance of culture in organ donation to save human lives, utilizes by influenced persons at community and could be beneficial to the suffering humans."