Prejudices in Nursing Prison Activities: A Reflection | 100640

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ISSN - 2167-1079


Prejudices in Nursing Prison Activities: A Reflection

Sujata Shree

Jail nurses need advanced specialist skills and specialized education due to the nursing profession's extremely complicated characteristics and elements in the jail environment. Can nursing treatment in prison settings be impacted by assumptions and prejudices held by nurses? How do nurses view the prison setting and those under custody? The purpose of this study is to examine whether and how preconceptions and prejudices may affect the way care is delivered while also outlining the role of the nurse in the prison environment and current rules. Methods: After doing a literature review, the authors gave a questionnaire to a group of nurses, who then discussed their responses and reflections. By examining how stereotypes and biases held by nurses may impact patient care, this study throws fresh insight on nursing in the prison setting.