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"Quality of life in pregnant women in Bandar Abbas, South, Iran"

Ali Asadian, Teamur Aghamolaei, Fatemeh Zare, Mehrnoosh Khodarahmi, Amin Ghanbarnejad, Mehdi Zainali, Masoud Ashough

"During pregnancy, large changes occur in biochemical, physiological and anatomical female body. These changes are outside the control of pregnant women and they are vulnerable physically and emotionally. The present study designed to assess quality of life and related factors in pregnant women. This Cross- sectional study conducted on 400 pregnant women referred to health centers and clinics Obstetricians and Gynecologists in city Bandar Abbas, south Iran. Data collected using questionnaires Brief sf-36. The collected data analyzed by SPSS software 19 and descriptive and inferential test. The mean of the quality of life total score in pregnant women was 58.2. Based on the results, Among the 8 dimensions of quality of life, mental health and social functioning, the mean 71.11 and 69.28 had the highest score respectively. Dimensions physical and emotional health problems with respectively the mean 32.49 and 48.78 had the lowest score. The mean quality of life score between the age groups (P =0.03), the degree of economic satisfaction (P=0.00) and wife partnership satisfaction in housework (P=0.002) has a significant relationship and at rest the relationship was not significant. There were significant differences between different age groups, in dimensions of social functioning (P=0.00), bodily pain (P=0.01) vitality (P=0.00) and physical problems (P=0.04). Between the different levels of economic satisfaction were significant differences in the mean dimensions score of bodily pain (p=0.003), public health (P=0.00), vitality (P=0.00), Social functioning, (P=0.00), emotional health problems (P=0.00), and mental health (P=0.00). This study showed that the effect of some variables in pregnant women reduces their quality of life, attention to these variables and planning to reduce the impact of these variables during pregnancy will improve the quality of life of pregnant women."