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Reflections on Ethics, Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Jose Luis Garcia Vigil

The history of AI is very long, which began in the mid-50s of the last century, since the creation of the Internet for military purposes (Darpanet) which became due to its great utility in the commercial and application form in all the fields of knowledge and human endeavor. These programs that "initially ran" in the operating systems of the time in the primitive Internet, have evolved along with the technological advances in programming languages, operating systems and software with such innovation capabilities that it has allowed their architecture with transistors and increasingly smaller chips, high-speed processing of text, number and matrix tables with formulas; coupled with the speed of RAM and hard disk memory. In this platform, AI has grown to the unimaginable, until it becomes a program with codes and algorithms that learn and re-map themselves to carry out their pre-established task more efficiently, a situation that when it happens, means improvement of the program but results and type of programming with codes and algorithms that are no longer known by the programmer, so in view of the risk of deviation from the pre-established objectives and taking care of ethical laws and regulations, the programs of this software must install filters at the beginning, during the process and at the end, as signals alarm when there are deviations such that they have ethical implications for humans. This interaction of Human Intelligence (HI) with AI has had negative as well as positive disagreements, for which in principle, the adaptation of labor and human rights standards and laws was sufficient, but now with the great development of AI, The establishment of ethical standards in the development of such programs is mandatory. At the moment, the standard already formally exists: Barcelona Declaration for the Adequate Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence in Europe.