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"Relationship between daily spiritual experiences and fear of death in hemodialysis patients"

Mohammad Mahboubi, Fariba Ghahramani, Zahra Shamohammadi, Shahpar Parazdeh

"This study is an analytical cross-sectional (correlation) approach of the statistical population of patients who were admitted to the Kermanshah Imam Reza hospital for Dialysis. Around 50 patient’s samples were checked by using a correlation formula to determine the sample size of 50 patients. The patients were selected using convenience sampling in one-month period. Two surveys in the form of a questionnaire were made for this study, one of them is the Cult - Lester fear of death Scale and the other was daily spiritual experiences scale. The relationship between fear of death and spiritual dimensions is set on by the Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient and Regression formula. Difference in death fear scale, in terms of gender, age and education is insistent on by t-test analysis using SPSS version 18. In this research a significant relationship was seen between fear of death and spirituality in Hemodialysis patients there was no difference between men and women about fear of death. Fear of death average score differences were not significant in age groups. It also found no significant association between age and Spirituality. The mean score of fear of death in people with a college education is more than them who were at high school and under graduates, so that their difference was significant. There was no significant correlation between fear of death and spiritual needs. High religious belief and religious practices leads to reduction of death fear. This study shows that spiritual matters must be considered for a patients treatment because spiritual matters reduces the Fear of Death and Anxiety and thereby contributes to the disease process."