Seed coat morphology of the genus Juncus L. (Juncaceae) and | 3293

Журнал биологии и современного мира

ISSN - 2322-3308


Seed coat morphology of the genus Juncus L. (Juncaceae) and its systematic significance in Northeast of Iran

Raheleh Ahmadpour, Jamil Vaezi, Ahmad Reza Bahrami, Farshid Memariani

" The seed morphology of six species of the genus Juncus L. (Juncaceae), involving wild annuals and perennials was studied in Northeast of Iran using Light and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Seed morphology (light microscope) of the investigated species exhibits certain variations in shape, size and surface ornamentation. Results of SEM analysis reveals that there are different patterns of seed surface. Seed shape and surface structure exhibit some diversity among taxa indicating systematic significance in species differentiation. An identification key to the investigated taxa is provided based on seed characters in this research."