Smart Healthcare System for Cardiovascular Patients using Ma | 92986

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ISSN - 2167-1079


Smart Healthcare System for Cardiovascular Patients using Machine Learning

Alfred Kondoro*, Eliphas Frank Tongora

Cardiovascular refers to anything relating to the heart and blood vessels. The flawed current leads to multiple patients not receiving the right care depending on their current health status, leading to critical cases and even death. Apart from the main objective of developing a smart healthcare system for cardiovascular diseases, other specific objectives include modelling a machine learning algorithm for natural language processing, modelling a machine learning algorithm for health recommendation, developing a preliminary diagnosis subsystem, developing a follow-up report management subsystem, integrating geolocation subsystem, evaluating the system. The study has proposed new method, the Recommendation and Optimization-Based Decision Support System Algorithm, constructs an expert system with an explicit knowledge base. The algorithm obtains knowledge through domain experts. In response to a query, the algorithm gives a customized recommendation, using an optimization step to help the patient maximize the probability of achieving the desired outcome. In these findings, the recommended behavioural factors are the optimal solutions that maximize the desired effect’s likelihood. With proper formulation, this expert system can combine multiple factors like age and body mass index to give proper selfpreliminary diagnosis support at the individual level.