Telemedicine in Stroke Clinic during the COVID Era and the C | 68892

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Telemedicine in Stroke Clinic during the COVID Era and the Challenges in Patient Management: Review Article

Sajid Iqbal, Aisha Hasan, Behzad Saeed Gill, Anab Rehan Taseer, Aimen Iqbal, Muhammad Hanif, Sohaib Tousif, Ahmed Mohamed Abdelrhim Ellqany, Fesih Muhammad Waseem, Keron Akintola Ayodele Blair, Anjli Tara, Saif Ali Malik, Zain Ghufran Ul Haq, Ahmed Mustafa, Tetiana Medvid, Nadeem Iqbal

The ongoing COVID-19 challenge has disrupted the social, economic and health care system around the globe. As a result of this pandemic, social distancing policies have been strictly implemented creating an immense stress on health care services. Telemedicine is an evolving and a time-saving, logical and effective means for emergency patient assessment. In far flung areas, where local consulting stroke specialist are not available, telemedicine can act as an alternative tool for provision of suitable stroke care within the short and safe therapeutic time window. Telemedicine has a precious role in emergency stroke consultation. Specialists have ability to swiftly evaluate and supervise management of stroke patients via telemedicine in coordination with the remote physicians at the distant health units.