The effect of elevation on essence of medicinal plant, Descu | 3399

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The effect of elevation on essence of medicinal plant, Descurainia Sophia (L.) in natural growth places of Kerman's province

Kian Aghaabbasi, Hossein Bibak

"flixweed due to cure properties and suitability with body , has been considered as medicinal plant for continuous years and the traditional physicians in Iran recognize. This plant with the nature of fresh and hot nature which is applied for properties as stomach strengthen, appetizing and curing measles and scarlet fever. In this research the effect of the height from sea level on the amount of essence giving flixweed have been studied in eight regions of Kerman by different heights of 700 up to 2040 meter from sea level. The samples of flixweed were collected from different regions, Essence getting was done by grinded samples and after weighing the amount of 100 gram with Clevenger Apparatus& distillation method by water in 4 and half hours, To feel sure of correctness of the proceed for each sample ,three repetitions were occurred. The results showed that by considering different factors which affect the amount of essence giving , statistical surveys by SAS software in the level of 0/01% in full casual design with 3 repetitions and by Duncan test proved that between percentage of essence ' amount and the difference of elevation, there is a negative &significant relationship. Among different regions, most amount of essence was related with Jiroft region with the elevation of 700m , having the percentage 0.0059 ml of essence 's amount & in the region of Bardsir with the height of 2040m from sea level , the least amount of essence 0.0048ml was considered."