Ventriculoperitoneal Tubing-Appendiceal Adhesions Laparoscop | 94699

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Ventriculoperitoneal Tubing-Appendiceal Adhesions Laparoscopically Identified During Shunt Removal: The Hidden Dangers in Simple Procedures

Jamie Bolden, Michael Bruce Horowitz and Kara Wanchick

Management of hydrocephalus often involves placement of a Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt (VPS). This device removes fluid from the cerebral ventricles and delivers it to the peritoneal cavity where it can be reabsorbed. Replacement of a failed VPS often requires removing the previously placed system from the head and abdomen prior to placement of new device. Peritoneal adhesions may make removal problematic. This report documents the potential dangers of such adhesions and illustrates the need to beware of such scarring in order to avoid peritoneal cavity injury.