Первичная медико-санитарная помощь: открытый доступ

ISSN - 2167-1079

Объем 6, Проблема 3 (2016)

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Assessment of Factors Affecting Modern Contraceptive Utilization in Merawi Town, Northwest Ethiopia

Tsegahun Worku Brhanie and Mequanent Tsegaye Asires

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Prevalence of High-Risk Underlying Conditions for Pneumococcal Disease Among People Over 50 Years in Catalonia, Spain

Angel Vila-Corcoles, Imma Hospital, Olga Ochoa-Gondar, Cinta de Diego, Eva Satue, Maria Aragon


Redeveloping Drugs Based on Existing Patents

Zhao XY, Diao TX and Zeng YJ

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Neurocysticercosis Diagnosed in a Patient with Taenia saginata Taeniasis after Administration of Praziquantel: A Case Study and Review of the Literature

Toni Wandra, Raka Sudewi, Ni Made Susilawati, Kadek Swastika, I Made Sudarmaja, Luh Putu Eka Diarthini, Ivan Elisabeth Purba, Munehiro Okamoto, Christine M. Budke and Akira Ito

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Gout Management in Primary Health Care in Russian Federation

Alexey Kalyagin and Maria Karnakova

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Towards an Integrated and Health and Social Care

Pedro J Tarraga Lopez