Ferroptosis's Newly Discovered Roles in Cardiovascular Disor | 94506

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Ferroptosis's Newly Discovered Roles in Cardiovascular Disorders

Lisa Edward

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) have a complicated process that jeopardises human health. Cardiomyocyte death plays a significant role in the pathophysiology of CVDs. A novel kind of iron-dependent programmed cell death called ferroptosis is brought on by aberrant iron metabolism, excessive accumulation of iron-dependent lipid peroxides, and reactive oxygen species (ROS). The recognised cell death processes of apoptosis, necrosis, necroptosis, autophagy, and pyroptosis are all different from ferroptosis. It has been demonstrated that a number of substances can either cause or prevent ferroptosis by controlling relevant critical players or signalling pathways. In order to stimulate the development of new therapeutic approaches, we have outlined the traits and associated mechanisms of ferroptosis in this review and highlighted its contribution to CVDs.