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Recent Advances in Root Canal Therpay : Potential applications in clinical practice

Saurabh Doshi

The past couple of decades have witnessed one of the most rapid
and extensive technological evolutions in dentistry. This period
has presented some remarkable developments of endodontic
technologies. The current presentation is aimed to concisely review
some of these advances pertinent to endodontic imaging, root
canal preparation, root canal disinfection and root filling materials
A root canal is the naturally occurring space within a tooth that
consists of the pulp chamber, the main canal(s) and the more
intricate anatomical branches that may connect it to each other or
to the surface of the root. Root canal treatment not only corrects
the damaged tooth but also restores the aesthetics, phonetics
and function of the tooth. Proper treatment should be done to
avoid any complications and to make tooth appear more natural.
Contemporary endodontic has seen an unprecedented advance
in technology and materials. This presentation aimed to highlight
some of the challenges and advances under following sections:
1) Root canal preparation, (2) Root canal disinfection, (3) Foot
canal filling materials, and (4) regenerative endodontic procedures
(REPs). Jointly, these advances are aimed at improving the state of
the art and science of advanced root canal treatment.